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My name is Steev Rullman and I have been fully engaged in the South Florida music/art scene for over twenty years. Since '98, my primary website, has been one of several brands of glue that have helped hold together the South Florida market… a means to bridge and promote Dade/Broward events to Palm Beach residents and vice versa. I have released several compilations featuring local musicians, DJ'd my own radio show, produced concerts and festivals and performed in bands. I have worked for the Palm Beach Post, Fantasma Productions and co-owned a record shop/venue.

Just a few of my past (and present) clients include: Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Maltz Jupiter Theater, The Kravis Center, SunFest, AEG, LiveNation, Moonfest, Bruise Cruise, Langerado, Showtel, Norton Museum of Art, City Limits, Respectable Street, Propaganda and many more. I have booked and promoted well over 2000 events over the past twenty years. Several local acts that I "championed" have become very successful: Chris (Dashboard Confessional), Kevin (Of Montreal) and most recently Surfer Blood. 

With PureHoney I plan to continue to stimulate, grow and promote our music/art scene and bridge the gaps between Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. I want to see good things happen! Free Music Downloads HERE!

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When I reached Steve Rullman, the long-time local indie promoter, he had just returned from drinking Scotch at Mar-a-Lago. The image of the magnificently bearded, deeply indie character sipping whisky at Donald Trump’s Palm Beach compound seemed counterintuitive at best, but even a guy like Rullman doesn’t... <MORE>

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Best Locally Generated Internet Site 2006 ~ Reader's Choice/New Times

Best Local Website 2005 ~ Citylink
"Underground bands looking to promote their shows and CDs have just such an outlet in, which was founded in 1998 by concert promoter Steven Rullman. His initial mission was to expose indie groups working outside the mainstream, and he does just that with thoroughly informed listings of national and local acts performing in South Florida."

Best Local Website 2001 ~ New Times

"indispensable local concert site" ~ Forum

"My ace source for local concerts." ~

"The go-to source for local shows!" ~ Citylink

Feeling Stuck? Try the Honeycomb. South Florida can be a torturous place to seek out music. Thank goodness we have the Honeycomb. Steve Rullman's dual website/promotion company has helped thousands of lost souls navigate SoFla's often treacherous musical landscape. With detailed coverage of all the best shows every night of the year along with plenty of research materials, the Honeycomb has become your musical wingman. ~ New Times

"Steve Rullman, hub of the scene since before the millennium" ~ New Times

Steve Rullman is responsible for the cohesiveness of the indie music scene through" ~ PB Arts Paper

"Rullman, who's helped shaped the independent rock scene for more than a decade, is a jack-of-all-trades." ~ Palm Beach Post

Glimpses of the South Florida Scene: The Dewars... "Only recently, though, have we been poking our heads out of our shells and, with the help of the bearded guru Steev Rullman." ~ New Times

"Promoter Steve Rullman has long been an integral part of the South Florida music scene thanks to his concert database and promotions network, The Honeycomb." ~ New Times

"Steve Rullman continues his run as one of the area's most consistently creative talent scouts. Thanks to Rullman's wandering eye and good taste..." ~ New Times

"The 500 Block Rocks New Year's blowout is another chance to experience the eclectic, street-party atmosphere that the Honeycomb's Steve Rullman is so adept at assembling." ~ New Times

"The best bet on the net, for starters, at least, has long been TheHoneyComb. Launched by Steve Rullman in 1998, the site is the original South Florida entertainment destination." ~ New Times

"Fridays Are the Bee’s Knees! Cultivating a cool little scene is too often an afterthought. That is, unless you’re Steve Rullman of For as long as many Palm Beach County indie music fans can remember, Rullman has held guardianship over several locally-supported nights, creating the time and place for everyone to gather." ~ New Times

Q & A with Evan Mui: "What's even sadder to me is the state of the music scene here in Florida. We definitely have some great guys out here making things happen, like Steve Rullman, but most of them are not trying to help artists at all." ~ New Times

"Steve Rullman dabbles in all areas tangentially associated with music -- performing, producing, promoting, publishing, captaining various radio shows -- but mainly he spearheads a Website,, designed to provide South Florida listeners with electronic access to what's cool and underground. The site's motto is "Music That Matters." As a tastemaker, he's hard to fault; good taste in music, however, doesn't guarantee a steady paycheck. Finding work when your credentials basically add up to Signifier of All That Is Hip in Palm Beach County poses a problem or two: What can you put on your résumé: Impresario? Supreme Arbiter of Style?" ~ New Times

"TheHoneyComb, a guide to South Florida's music events and general clearinghouse for local music news. His first dabblings in monkeywrenching the region's static music scene took the form of DJ'ing the local show "Resident Noise" on the now-defunct, purchased-airtime, AM Pirate Radio program. Concurrently, Rullman and his radio coconspirators opened the Wormhole, a sorely missed small retail outlet for books, magazines, vintage clothing, and incense, which also hosted intimate all-ages shows by local bands. His passion for promoting local and underground music led Rullman to his present gigs… "My main reason for what I do is to turn people on to good music," he says. "Commercial radio doesn't do it." The Honeycomb's mission-statement page states, "We love it when someone plays something for us and we have to ask them who it is!" This statement sums up his intentions: to expose underground talent, both local and national, and shed light on artists commercial radio would never touch." ~ New Times

Best Venue 2010 ~ New Times
"With the help of booking genius Steve Rullman, Propaganda offers lineups stacked three to four deep, often four or five times a week and regularly filled with up-and-coming local acts. It's an amazingly personal setting for national acts like Dashboard Confessional, Cracker, and Vivian Girls. West Palm Beach's blogger darlings Surfer Blood owes a lot to this club as well, cutting its teeth for months there before taking its show on the road."

Best Rock Club 2009 ~ Citylink

"South Florida's Coolest New Venue" ~ New Times

"booking and promoting sensei, Steve Rullman" ~ New Times

"Propaganda plays host to indie rock bands from Florida and beyond – it has quickly become the go to place for under-the- -radar and up-and-coming bands. Co-owner, promoter and local music advocate Steve Rullman created this club to provide local bands with a place to play in South Florida – something that is in short supply." ~ Palm Beach Post

"In the handful of months the Lake Worth indie rock spot Propaganda has existed, local booking/promoting guru Steve Rullman has done a remarkable job of luring cutting-edge regional and national acts to the small but vital club. This past Friday, Rullman seriously outdid himself: There was Raffa and Rainer from Miami, John Ralston from Lake Worth, and the Postmarks, from various points in Broward County. It was a showcase of, arguably, South Florida's finest indie talent. Those lucky enough to be in attendance were witness to the brilliance that can be created on our sunny shores." ~ New Times

"I've had the indie-rock dive-bar concept in the back of my mind for 15 years," says the soft-spoken Rullman, who has booked bands across South Florida since 1991. "I've always seen [Propaganda] as more of a clubhouse," Rullman explains, "where people can just hang out and hear stuff they wouldn't normally hear anywhere else." How does Propaganda compete with bigger venues? It doesn't even want to, according to Rullman. "For me, the idea of our small venue has always been about building a sense of community." In Propaganda, Rullman wants a venue that grows organically in popularity, never something as "clinical" as places like the Hard Rock Live. Does Rullman ever worry about booking an act too large for Propaganda to handle? "Of course," Rullman says with a laugh. "But that has always been part of the idea: larger-scale acts coming through a small room, where their biggest fans can see them up-close and personal." ~ New Times

"Local concert promoter Steven Rullman officially left his post at Propaganda in Lake Worth after building the small venue into Palm Beach County’s premiere indie rock dive bar over the past year and a half… One’s thing’s for sure–wherever Rullman goes, I’m sure to follow." ~ Boca Magazine

Best Concert 1999
 ~ New Times
Best Rock Club 2000 & 2001 ~ New Times
Best Rock Club 2000 & 2001 ~ Citylink
Best Alt Music Club 2001 & 2003 ~ Citylink
Best One Festival 2005 Moonfest ~ New Times
Best One Festival 2006 18 Year Anniversary ~ New Times


“Through his work with, Steve Rullman has proven to be not only one of South Florida's most capable webmasters, but one of its finest talent scouts as well. As a concert promoter, he strives to bring acts that are new and fresh to the area. Highly recommended.” ~ Bill Meredith, Owner, William S. Meredith, Inc., Palm Beach Post Entertainment Writer

“Few people are as thorough or dedicated to projects as Steve. If Steve works on something, I feel like he can be counted on to see it through. He is a creative mind who's got a good deal of drive.” ~ Jon Tully, Editor, Palm Beach Post

“Steve is a very creative and enthusiastic promoter that has a passion for this work. My musical group has used Steve more times than I can count. We have always used his services because we have become loyal customers due to his high work ethic. If I may be so bold as to persuade you to consider Steve, you certainly only have great things to gain.” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
~ Chris Cartrett

“Steve Rullman, of the, has helped me to successfully attain clarity in promotion of my business. I attribute this to his extensive knowlege of the local and national music industry. His strengths are best revealed through his ability to professionally express his creative ideas, thus providing his clients resources to manifest their absolute potential.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
~ Monica McGivern, Photographer

“Steve Rullman and have a long standing history in the Palm Beach County music scene. If there's an awesome band playing you can bet Steve's got something to do with it! The new club Propaganda is a GEM in Lakeworth, it fits right in to the over all vibe is starting to burst at the seems with young locals looking to have a great time and see some live music. Also A+ on the style of of the club inside!” ~ Dan Dolan, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Nonexistent-Recordings

“Steve's attention to detail is an art all in itself. His accuracy helps cut back on revisions and get things ahead of schedule. He is patient, reliable and his personality is a pleasure to work with.” ~ Scott Marino, Creative Director 1450 Inc.

“ knows the ins-and-outs of South Florida music like the back of their hand.” ~ Josh Brown, Internet Sales Director, WFLX

“Steve @ TheHoneycomb's design aesthetic & dependability are top notch. You can alway count on Steve when needing a push for a project, show, or event.” ~ Russ Rogers, Owner, Soularise Web & Media

“TheHoneyComb delivers a great product everytime at a very affordable rate going above and beyond the call. I can't say enough.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value ~ Frank Licari, Atlantic Arts Theater

“Steven Rullman and I have worked for years in the music business. He has the South Florida scene dialed in and is always very creative and on time with his services be it from booking shows to printing flyers to coordinating huge events for us. I recommend Steven to anyone that is looking for a pro.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert ~ Jeremy Clark

“After many years, I believe Steve Rullman ( to have incredible knowlege and I have no doubt he will prove to be an asset to you and to your business. Please do not hesitate in hiring his services.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
~ Delray Kismet

“Steven is highly driven and focused, and always comes up with creative and well thought out ideas on bringing cultural events to the community. TheHoneyComb is, in my opinion, the most concise and diverse local website in south florida, allowing anyone to post their events and really giving people an eclectic calendar of events, music, and journalism. I have worked with him closely while putting on ART Rx events and steven is always a pleasure to work with and is very supportive of the work i do within the artist community of West Palm Beach. I would recommend that everyone uses the honeycomb as their "go to" site for WPB not only for advertising, but to know what great things are going on in our city.” ~ Nico Cassanetti, Owner/Founder/Curator, ART Rx